Still the salary is 1 dollar! But the world's third richest man

By: 600011 On: Apr 26, 2024, 4:20 PM


Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is the third richest person in the world. Meanwhile, Mark Zuckerberg is also Meta's lowest paid employee. In 2023, his base salary was $1. This amount is surprising for a meta who typically earns a salary of $35,000 to $120,000. Where does Zuckerberg get his income from?

Although the salary is $1, Zuckerberg's income is in the millions. In a proxy filing statement released ahead of the annual shareholder meeting, Meta disclosed that the Facebook founder earned $24.4 million. A major part of it covers his security expenses.

Zuckerberg has been part of the "Dollar Salary Club" since 2013, along with Larry Page, Larry Ellison and the late Steve Jobs. What is the "Dollar Salary Club"? It covers individuals earning a nominal salary of $1. For more than a decade, Zuckerberg earned just $11 in salary.