Even the hair has changed in 20 years, Google CEO said

By: 600011 On: Apr 28, 2024, 5:16 PM


Sundar Pichai has completed two decades with Google. Sundar Pichai himself shared about his 20-year journey on Instagram. Sundar Pichai shared a short but heartwarming note.

Sundar Pichai's note reads;

“April 26, 2004 was my first day at Google. Everything has changed a lot since then - the technology, the number of people using our products... my hair. The only thing that doesn't change is the excitement I get from working for this company. 20 years on, I still feel lucky,” Sundar Pichai wrote on Instagram.

Along with the Instagram post, the Google CEO also shared a picture. It is a picture of a balloon with "20" written on it. A lava lamp with the words "Congratulations 20 Years" is also on a table.