Three days of darkness will come in 2024; 'Living Nostradamus' with prophecy

By: 600011 On: May 2, 2024, 2:45 PM


Brazilian Athos Salomi is known as the living Nostradamus. Athos himself describes himself as a prophet who predicts various future events. And there are people who describe him as 'Nostradamus of Brazil'. Many believe that many of his prophecies come true.

Athos claims to have accurately predicted the pandemic, the death of Queen Elizabeth, and Elon Musk buying Twitter. Now he has made a new prediction for 2024.

Athos predicts that in 2024 the world will go through three days of 'darkness'. He also claims that this is due to the use of advanced weapon systems. Especially the growth of electromagnetic pulse technology (EMP). Athos said this in a conversation with Daily Mail.

Athos also says there will be three days of darkness in the second half of 2024 following weapons testing. He predicts that these weapons tests will take place amid heightened tensions following the Iran-Israel conflict. He also says that AI will lead to an increase in such experiments in the coming years.

Athos says that AI can be considered as a cause for peace and as a catalyst for new conflict if desired. Earlier, he had predicted that the time would come when AI would be able to talk to the dead. Similarly, Athos has already predicted that a series of natural disasters is coming and will be the beginning of the destruction of the world. This prediction was last year.