'Japan and India are not doing well because of xenophobic attitudes'; Biden with a controversial statement

By: 600011 On: May 3, 2024, 2:39 PM


Washington: US President Joe Biden said that Japan has a xenophobic nature that cannot accommodate immigration. Days after praising the US-Japan alliance, Biden came to the scene by describing Japan as xenophobic. Japan, an ally, was called xenophobic at a fundraising event in Washington, DC. In an off-camera event, the President said that India, Russia, China and Japan could do better economically if they welcomed immigration.

Biden said that the main reason the American economy is growing is because of welcoming immigration and that countries like China, India, Russia and Japan are xenophobic. However, the White House later removed India from the list. Press secretary Karine Jean Pierre said Biden was trying to make a broader point by calling Japan and India xenophobic. Meanwhile, National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said yesterday that America's relationship with Japan is strong and it is up to the president to decide whether to change his mind.

He also clarified that he was not aware of any communication between the White House and the governments of Japan or India. It is also noteworthy that Biden's statement is trying to strengthen ties with India and Japan in a move against China's influence. At a state dinner at the White House in April, Biden said Japan and the US share the same values and commitment to democracy.