Met via dating app Tinder; The 'doctor' cheated the 46-year-old yoga teacher of lakhs

By: 600011 On: May 10, 2024, 4:34 AM


Mumbai: A young woman has complained that a young man she met through a dating app cheated her and cheated her of lakhs. A 46-year-old yoga teacher from Mumbai came forward with a complaint. The complaint is that Amit Kumar, who introduced himself as a doctor in Manchester, England, cheated him and stole Rs 3.36 lakh.

The woman, a resident of South Mumbai's Churchgate area, was a victim of cyber fraud. A 46-year-old yoga teacher met a young man through Tinder, a dating app. During two days of chatting, the young man made the teacher believe that his name is Amit Kumar and that he is a doctor in England. The two later exchanged phone numbers and chatted on WhatsApp. He told the yoga teacher that he had sent a gift on April 25 and would be home soon. .

A few days later, a woman called the 46-year-old saying she was from a courier company in Delhi. The woman who called said that a gift parcel from Manchester had arrived at the courier office and as it was an expensive gift, she had to pay the tax and other fees. The yoga teacher then deposited Rs 3.36 lakh into various accounts mentioned by the woman at the courier office.

But after days, the gift did not arrive. After this, the young man who met on Tinder also disappeared. This is how the young woman realized that she had been cheated. Then on Tuesday Marine Drive approached the police and lodged a complaint. The police stated that a case has been registered and investigation is being conducted focusing on the mobile numbers.