Luxury villa booked through website: Ontario native loses $7,700

By: 600011 On: May 13, 2024, 4:58 PM


An Ontario man who booked a luxury villa through a website lost more than $7,700. Barry Good, from Tiny, near Midlands, who booked the villa through, lost the money. Good says he only realized the listing was fake after paying for the villa listed on the website. The listing appeared legitimate. Good said that's why he was misunderstood.

A luxury villa was booked in Costa Rica. It was decided to go to Costa Rica for a three-week vacation at the end of January. But at the time of booking, Good clarified that the communication was done using WhatsApp. After making the payment through WhatsApp, I realized that I was cheated.

When I complained through the website, I was told that I would pay 500 dollars as compensation. But Good says the money was returned only after he refused.

Meanwhile, the website said it has apologized for the incident. The company explained that its platform is secure and trustworthy, and that it has fully processed refunds on Good's complaint.