Brutally beaten for dowry; The girl complained to the Chief Minister with serious allegations against the police

By: 600011 On: May 14, 2024, 4:48 PM


Kozhikode: The girl has lodged a complaint with the Chief Minister and the Women's Commission in the case of her husband Rahul, a native of Kozhikode Pantirangaon, brutally beating up the newlywed, a native of Ernakulam North Paravur, over dowry. The girl's complaint is making serious allegations against the police in the case. It is alleged that the police did not intervene efficiently in the complaint of domestic violence in Pantirangao.

The complaint also alleges that despite filing a complaint in the incident, there was no positive investigation on the part of the police. It is also in the complaint that Pandirankao police have charged weak charges against the accused Rahul in the incident. The complaint pointed out the delay in Kozhikode Pantirangaon police in filing the case.

The woman complained that Rahul, a native of Kozhikode, tried to strangle her with a mobile charger cable. On the 7th day after her marriage, the young woman told her family members about the harassment. The Panthirankao police have registered a case of domestic violence against her husband Rahul. However, the family's demand is that sections including attempted murder should be added.

Rahul and the woman from Ernakulam got married last 5 years. Last day, the family members who came from Ernakulam rushed to see the injuries on the woman's body during the reception. Then the girl revealed that Rahul harassed her. After this, the bride's family lodged a complaint with the Pantirangaon police. The woman returned to Ernakulam along with her family saying that she was not interested in continuing the marriage