The woman said that her husband's dead body, which was donated for medical studies, was scattered in the blast

By: 600011 On: May 20, 2024, 4:39 AM


Donating dead bodies for medical studies after death is a practice around the world. Such consent forms are signed by the next of kin either before death or after death. Drug experiments or physiological studies are carried out on such corpses. But a woman has alleged that her husband's body was used by the US military as a dummy for explosive tests, the Mirror reported.

Jill's husband registered for posthumous organ donation in 2012. However, he was a heavy drinker and died of cirrhosis of the liver. With this, the hospital authorities asked the woman that the organ donation would not take place and instead the body should be sent for scientific study. Jill told the Mirror that her husband's body was the best to study the effects of alcoholism and how it affects the body, so she donated his body for scientific study.