Big change: 'Trucolor now has its own voice

By: 600011 On: May 24, 2024, 4:37 AM


Now you can use your voice with Truecaller Assistant. How? The developers of the app are gearing up to leverage AI in Truecaller. Truecaller brings Microsoft's Azure artificial intelligence speech technology. The company says that with this, the Truecaller assistant will help the customer to create a digital version of their own voice. 

With the new update, callers will be able to hear who is calling in the customer's voice instead of the usual digital assistant. Company representative Agnes Lindberg has shared information about the new update. This is only available for Truecaller Assistant Premium subscribers. Open Settings to add your own voice to the TrueCaller Assistant. Then, go to Assistant Settings and set 'Personal Voice'. Voice samples will be requested. Then the voice in different styles will be asked. Save after entering it.

Truecaller will hand over to the assistant when the customer doesn't answer or rejects the call. Then talk to the caller and ask the purpose of the call. At the same time, all conversations and texts between the caller and Truecaller Assistant will be done. It will appear on the phone screen. This information is used by the phone owner to understand the customer about the caller. Truecaller Premium subscription with TrueCollapda Assistant option currently costs around Rs 149 per month (Rs 1,499 for a year) in India. Apart from this, there is also a family plan for Rs 299 per month.