Crypto wallet's owner forgets password, 11 years later, hacker gets hold of crores

By: 600011 On: Jun 1, 2024, 5:13 PM


London: Many people have told the story of losing the money in their account due to hacking, but a millionaire from Europe is at peace after hacking recovered crypto currency worth 3 million US dollars. The video of Joe Grand, an electrical engineer known among hackers as Kingpin, has been shared on social media, recovering the money he thought was lost through hacking. An unnamed person has forgotten the password of a cryptocurrency wallet created 11 years ago.

This wallet had 43.6 Bitcoins (Rs. 245779936 approx.). Since 2013, the owner of the account was unable to make any transactions due to forgetting the password. The owner got into trouble when the text file where the password was kept got corrupted. At that time, Bitcoin did not have much value, so the owner did not try to go after it. But recently the value of Bitcoin has increased by more than 20000 percent and the owner decides to recover the wallet.

After this he approaches Kingpin. Initially reluctant, the hacker decided to help the wallet owner. The password was recovered using a reverse engineering tool developed by the American security agency NSA. Kingpin explains that some of the standards in cryptocurrency wallets make it challenging even for the wallet owner to forget the password. Joe Grand was instrumental in discovering the sequence in which Roboform created the cryptocurrency's password.