Flag polling is restricted to 12 US-Canada border crossings

By: 600011 On: Jun 3, 2024, 1:49 PM


The Canada Border Services Agency has restricted flag polling at 12 US-Canada border crossings. Flagpoleing is when a non-Canadian with temporary status leaves Canada and re-enters within 24 hours of receiving one-day immigration services at the border. New regulations have been introduced for this. Flagpolling allows people to avoid the long waiting times associated with applying online. It is completely legal and can be done anywhere. But usually it is done at land border crossing.

Now, there are limits on where and when flagpolling is allowed. Starting May 30, the days and hours on which flagpoleing services are offered at 12 crossings across the country are being cut. CBSA said in a statement that the change is being made to increase efficiency during peak travel times, facilitate trade, and focus on priority passengers such as high-risk travelers and asylum seekers.