North Korea says 15 tonnes of garbage sent to South Korea via balloons has been temporarily halted

By: 600011 On: Jun 4, 2024, 3:38 PM


Seoul: North Korea says it has temporarily stopped sending garbage balloons to South Korea. International media including CNN reports that North Korea's response comes after sending hundreds of garbage balloons to areas near the border of South Korea. North Korea's Vice Minister of Internal Affairs Kim Kang II has announced the temporary suspension of sending garbage balloons, according to North Korean state media. On Sunday, Kim Kang II explained that 15 tons of garbage were sent to the neighboring country by balloons.

Kim Kang II said through KCNA that the garbage balloons were a response to South Korea sending balloons with anti-North Korean messages to different parts of the country for almost a year. North Korea explains that such an action was taken to make it clear to South Korea what it feels like to have to remove other people's garbage. But the South Korean leadership has already responded that it will respond strongly to North Korea.

Balloons containing human excrement and toilet paper reached the border areas till Saturday. Cigarette butts, papers, waste paper and garbage were brought to South Korea in balloons. South Korea explains that no hazardous materials have been found in the balloons that have arrived so far. But South Korea explains that garbage balloons are a nuisance to people in other ways. The two countries have technically been at war since the 1953 war.