The wait for Apple lovers will be long; The foldable iPhone will arrive in 2027

By: 600011 On: Jun 5, 2024, 5:30 PM



New York: Apple's foldable phone is something that iPhone lovers have been waiting for a long time in the smartphone market. Earlier reports surfaced that Apple was in the early stages of developing phones with foldable displays. Although the Apple company has not confirmed this, Apple has applied for patents for foldable phones. But new reports say that Apple's foldable iPhones will be delayed in reaching the market.

Samsung, OnePlus and Vivo are all active in the market with foldable phones. It was thought that Apple will soon introduce a foldable phone to overcome this. But market research firm Trendforce reports that Apple's first foldable phone will not hit the market until 2027. But there is no doubt that the foldable iPhone will create a huge movement in the market. There are indications that Apple is researching to give the foldable phone the best technical structure before launching it in the market. Apple company is trying to ensure the best performance for foldable phones.