During the post-mortem, the woman caught the eye of the employee and came back to life

By: 600011 On: Jun 7, 2024, 5:30 PM


A 74-year-old woman, who was declared dead at the hospital, was found alive during post-mortem. The funeral home employee noticed that they were gasping for breath during the ceremony and very quickly administered CPR and brought them back to life.

Two hours before the incident, doctors confirmed their death at the hospital. This amazing incident was reported from Lancaster County, Nebraska. A 74-year-old woman named Constance Glantz came back to her life to the surprise of everyone.

They were undergoing treatment in the hospital for the past seven days due to age-related ailments. Doctors confirmed their death after an expert examination. However, just before the cremation, they miraculously came back to life. Police officers in Lancaster County, Nebraska say that there is nothing unusual in the incident. However, the police said that a detailed investigation will be conducted into the incident.