Don't discriminate', 'Wonder Woman' of mothers donates 16 crores

By: 600011 On: Jun 12, 2024, 1:08 PM

Mackenzie Scott, the ex-wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, has donated a large amount to social service activities. Mackenzie Scott donates around Rs 16 crore to an organization called Birthing Beautiful Community. They provide services to black mothers and their babies. Jeff Bezos and Mackenzie Scott divorced in 2019.

The Birthing Beautiful community stated that this amount will help them to ensure that every baby born receives the support and care their mothers and their families deserve. The organization helps mothers during pregnancy, childbirth and the first year of the baby.

After the divorce, Mackenzie Scott received a large sum of money from Jeff Bezos according to the divorce settlement. Mackenzie Scott received more than Rs 3 lakh crore under this. With this, Mackenzie Scott became one of the richest women in the world. Out of this amount, nearly Rs.6000 Crores have been contributed by them towards social service activities. They handed over this amount to around 360 organizations. Mackenzie Scott has donated to organizations working in the arts, education, low-income housing, and public health.