Canada to impose 100 percent tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles: Ontario Premier Doug Ford

By: 600011 On: Jun 22, 2024, 2:55 PM


Ontario Premier Doug Ford has asked the federal government to impose a 100 percent import duty on Chinese electric vehicles imported into Canada. He warns that Ontario's jobs sector will be at risk if tariffs are not increased.

The United States announced last month that it has decided to impose tariffs of more than 100 percent on Chinese electric vehicles. But the Canadian government has not made it clear. Ford said in a statement that Canada should increase tariffs as the United States has done. China is conquering the market with cheap electric vehicles manufactured artificially. Ontario has invested $43 billion in electric vehicle manufacturing, battery manufacturing, and more. Companies in the province will be hit hard by the proliferation of Chinese electric vehicles. So Ford has warned that if it doesn't act quickly on Chinese electric vehicles, it could put jobs in Ontario and other Canadians at risk.