95-year-old woman with a beautiful dance in the old age home, netizens applauded

By: 600011 On: Jun 27, 2024, 4:16 AM


We have come across many people on social media who have good energy despite their old age and do what they love sometimes without forgetting. Similarly, a video of a grandmother dancing is now going viral.

This is a video from a nursing home in Tamil Nadu. A grandmother can be seen dancing beautifully in the video. Video shared on X (formerly Twitter) by IRAS Ananth Rupnagudi. The caption accompanying the video also says that this grandmother is 95 years old.

Also, the caption says that she was a student of the Kalakshetra Foundation in the 1940s and is believed to have danced in films like Chandralekha. They are dancing to the Tamil song 'O Rasikum Seemane'. The caption also says that this video was captured from Vishranti Home.

"During a programme, this 95-year-old woman danced to an old Tamil song at Vishranti Home. A student of the Kalakshetra Foundation in the 1940s, she also danced in films like Chandralekha (1948),' IRAS Ananth Rupnagudi captioned the video.
The video quickly went viral on social media. Many people came with comments on the video. It goes without saying that this grandmother's dance proves that age is just a matter of time.