Global Indian Council Mourns the Loss of Dr. Anil Paulose

By: 600004 On: Jul 1, 2024, 4:08 AM


A Life of Service and Compassion 

The Global Indian Council (GIC) community is mourning the loss of a remarkable leader and beloved friend, Dr. Anil Paulose (51), who passed away on May 28,2024. Dr. Paulose was a founding member of GIC, the first President of the New York Chapter, and Chairman of the GIC Center of Excellence (Environment & Sustainability). He was a combination of humility, empathy, generosity and intelligence. Dr. Paulose's legacy will live on through the countless lives he touched.  His memory will continue to inspire us to serve others with love and compassion. 

GIC conducted a Zoom Memorial Meeting on  June 23rd Sunday that was attended by friends, family, business colleagues, media professionals, and GIC members. The meeting was a testament to Dr. Anil's impact on the community, and his faith in Jesus was also remembered as an integral part of his life.
Elizabeth Paulose, the wife of late Dr. Anil remembered her beloved husband as a shining example of God's love and grace. "He was a devoted husband, a loving father, my best friend, and my soulmate, always putting our family and others before himself. His unwavering commitment to his family and his Christian values inspired us all to walk closer with God. He will be deeply missed by all of us, especially our precious daughters Ann and Suzanne, who loved him dearly. But we take comfort in the promise of eternity and the joy that he is now in the loving arms of our Savior, Jesus."  

“My dear brother Anil, you were more than just a sibling - you were a blessing from God, a constant reminder of His love and grace. Your unwavering dedication to Jesus was inspiring, and I have no doubt that you are now in His loving presence, watching over us from the other shore. I'm so grateful to have seen the impact you had on Danny and Serina, who adored their 'bigdaddy' and were so deeply influenced by your love and example. We all miss you terribly, but we take comfort in the knowledge that you are at peace, and your legacy will continue to inspire us to walk closer with God. - Sunil Paulose, Dr. Anil’s brother.
Mr. P.C Mathew, the Global President of GIC, in his memorial speech said : "As the President of GIC, I was overjoyed to witness the remarkable growth of our NY chapter and the outstanding work of our COE environmental and sustainability initiatives, both of which were dear to Dr. Anil's heart. His passing is a profound loss for the family and also our organization. Dr. Anil was an extraordinary leader, a compassionate human being, and a selfless gentleman. He will be deeply missed, but his legacy will live on through the countless lives he touched and the foundation we will establish in his honor as our Founding President of the NY chapter. His kindness, generosity, and unwavering commitment to helping others will never be forgotten. Rest in peace, dear Dr. Anil."
Quotes from the Memorial Meeting:
“My heart is shattered by the loss of my best friend Dr. Anil Paulose, who was more than a friend to me - he was a brother, a confidant, and a kind soul. I will cherish the memories we made together and strive to keep his legacy of love and kindness alive." Dilip Chauhan, Deputy Commissioner, New York City."Dr. Anil defined himself with humbleness and down-to-earth personality. Your memory will continue to inspire us to strive for excellence and make a positive impact on the world " - Sudhir Nambiar, GIC Secretary.
“The sudden passing of Dr. Anil was a profound shock to us all, a poignant reminder of the fragility and brevity of life. He was a man of unwavering principle, unshakeable integrity, and unrelenting empathy, inspiring us with his selflessness and a role model. May his memory be a blessing to us all. - Tara Shajan, Global Treasurer
“Anil, you will forever be in our hearts, and your memory will continue to inspire me to live with the same love, compassion, and grace that you embodied. Rest in peace, my dear Anil. Your love will never be forgotten." - Tom George Kolath, GIC Associate Treasurer
“My dear Anil, your sudden departure has left a gaping hole in our lives, but your loving spirit and legacy will continue to inspire me and our GIC family, rest in peace” - Sherry Yohannan, GIC Kenya chapter Secretary
“Though I never interacted with Anil in person, I noticed in many GIC meetings that his vibrant personality as well as humbleness deserves respect. Being in Hinduism, we will see him in the next life and Om Shanti." Jija Harisingh- GIC COE Chair Art Culture Heritage.
“Anil was a great friend of mine for the past 12 years, a wonderful person and business partner. In business, we have heated dialogues sometimes, however, Anil still maintained peace among us. I can't even think, I can't sleep, I have no words to say about losing Anil from our life." - Naveen Shah, Business Partner
Anil was a kind man, humble man with intelligence, and empathetic to others. He was a guide and a mentor for others." - Sunil Jain, Business Partner.
“Meeting Anil and knowing him in this era is the greatest achievement, and he captured my heart like a lifetime. I spoke to him on the very same day of his passing. Rest in Peace Anil." - Sunil Hali, Publisher
Among the close relatives and friends
Ancy Paulose (Sister-in-law, Anna Geevarghese, (Sister-in-law), Abraham George, (Brother-in-law), Dr. Mathew Joys, (GIC Media Chair), Sosamma Andrews (GIC Chair COE Women Empowerment),  Usha George (GIC COE Health and Wellness co-Chair), Dr. Sheetal Desai (GIC NY Chapter Secretary),  Preethy Paul (GIC Austin Chapter Associate Treasurer) expressed their condolences and memories.
Some other people who joined in the meeting were
  • Ann and Suzanne Paulos, Viru Raparthi, Dr. Liz Punkudy, Prakash Pisipati, Rajasree Shah, Asheema Jain, Elbees White, Kanak Golia, Koshy Thomas, Tirlok Malik, Sujith Thomas, Prabhu, DR. GV Kumar, Elizabeth Jose, Chinnamma George, Kalpana Nagappally, Stanley George, Geetha Panjabi, Vinata Nahata, Komal Kathri, Tim Abraham, Saji Thomas, Shaimi Jacob, Dr. Eapen Jacob and many more.
As a kind gesture of paying homage to Dr. Anil Paulose all GIC CoEs & Chapters represented in the meeting.