Uber encourages drivers to ditch their own cars and travel

By: 600011 On: Jul 1, 2024, 1:51 PM


Ride-hailing company Uber is encouraging people to ditch their cars and use other modes of transportation, including public transportation. 175 people in seven North American cities, including Toronto and Vancouver, will be selected for the car-free trip. Uber is encouraging people to get rid of their own cars and use other forms of transportation for four weeks. Program participants will receive $500 in Uber credits and $500 in public transportation, car rental, and carshare vouchers.

The new trial is part of Uber's research into enabling people to adopt a car-light lifestyle that could help reduce emissions and ease traffic congestion. Those who use the car more than three times a week and agree to record their experience can take part in the experiment.

There are people who cannot afford to own a car. Uber's experiment highlights the real problem drivers face. Owning a car is expensive. Ratehub estimates that the average annual cost of car ownership in Canada this year is $16,644. A 45 percent increase has been recorded since 2020. The high cost of buying a used or new car in the country is also putting people in a dilemma.