the wise hen; Lacey, a hen from BC, holds the world record

By: 600011 On: Jul 4, 2024, 5:14 PM


Lacey, a hen from Gabriola Island, British Columbia, holds the world record. Unlike other chickens, Lacey is very intelligent and smart. Lacey can recognize different numbers, colors and letters. Lacey correctly identified six letters, numbers and colors to win the world record. Lacy took just one minute for this.

Lacey is owned by veterinarian Emily Carrington. Emily says chickens are really smart. Emily says she spent five years training chickens to recognize numbers, letters and colors. Emily said the chickens were choosing the exact numbers, letters and colors they were told to choose, and that was achieved through proper training.

All the chickens trained by Emily participated in the world record attempt. But in this, Lacey is the one who selected everything correctly and got a place in the world record.