Panich fever in Kerala; The number of patients is increasing

By: 600011 On: Jul 7, 2024, 8:00 AM


Thiruvananthapuram: Three more fever deaths were confirmed in the state today. 11,050 people sought treatment for fever in the last 24 hours. Out of this, 159 people were diagnosed with dengue fever and 42 people with H1N1.

The number of fever patients is also increasing in the state. Asu suffers from fever for fourteen days every day. Seeking treatment in the newspaper. According to the State Health Department, during the last five days More than 500,000 people sought treatment at various hospitals.

Till last day, 55,830 people have been confirmed with fever. During five days, 493 people got dengue fever and 69 people got rat fever. accepted. H-1N-1 was also confirmed for 158 people. In the last five days, three people have been infected with rat flu and three have been infected with H-1N-1. Died during the year.