HIV drug breakthrough; Better results than pills

By: 600011 On: Jul 8, 2024, 1:52 PM


Trials of new drug to prevent HIV successful in South Africa and Uganda A trial of a new drug called lenacavir was successful.

HIV can be prevented by two injections a year. Drug test results can provide complete protection to young women from infection. HIV People who are not currently infected but have HIV It is a pre-exposure prophylaxis drug given to people who are at risk of infection.

Currently, two types of pills are used all over the world. The pill needs to be taken daily. However, after a trial of 5,000 women, researchers say that lenacavir, which is injected under the skin, works better than these pills. HIV The new drug was tested in areas where the plague was most prevalent. Gilead Sciences, a U.S. The company is the manufacturer. 13 lakh people in the world are infected with HIV every year. Infection occurs.