The world is in grave concern; Hacker has leaked 995 million passwords! The biggest leak in history

By: 600011 On: Jul 9, 2024, 2:37 PM


Washington: A hacker claims to have hacked the biggest password in history. The international media Forbes reported that the hacker named 'Obamacare' has come forward with the claim of having stolen 995 crore different passwords. The passwords have been released through the database 'RockYou2024'.

Researchers say this is the biggest password leak in history. It is believed that the password information that has been leaked for many years has now been released.

The Forbes report says that RockYou has leaked passwords before. It is indicated that the database that has been released is a continuation of this. Leaked information like this has been published on the Obamacare Internet before. In 2021, 8.4 billion passwords were released in the name of RockYou2021. It also reportedly contained passwords to social media accounts. After this, it is indicated that the hacker has now released the passwords up to 2024.